August 10th, 2004

Moved to Seattle. I don't see what's so special about this town. More bums, crackheads, and freaks -- in other words, more punks.

My job is awesome. I get to pick up people's trash, wipe up their messes, and clean up their shit. I got poop on my arm on the first day.

My room mates are already starting to piss me off. I got locked out of the house yesterday while takin' out the trash. Laid on the doorbell for about half an hour waiting for that fucker to wake up. This asshole wouldn't get up. This is at 1:00PM. So I take a four hour walk to Northgate mall and back and the fucker's just getting out of the shower AT FIVE O'CLOCK.... While I was locked out the cable guy came three times. Now we gotta wait another week for cable.

Oh - and people are starving to death in other countries.

July 18th, 2004

What the Fuck is with the Meatbeaters!!! They're a kick ass band and they ain't doing shit right now! I think they need to get off their asses and play another damn show! THEY'RE TOO FUCKIN' GOOD TO THROW IT ALL AWAY!!!

I want everyone who reads this to go to the Meatbeaters site (on the links page), email them, and tell them to "Get off their balls!!! Get on the ball!!! And break some balls!!!"

June 2nd, 2004

Two weeks and I'm free from the hell we all know as high school!

March 31st, 2004

I fuck'n hate bill. I'm the best at Halo. I'm the mother fuck'n Halo master yo. I'm leaving to go play some CS. word.





August 14 th, 2004

Religion must die. Theism is a disease of the mind. If you come to our show and you're wearing a cross, crucifix, star of David or Aum or Buddha or any of that shit I will fucking kill you and eat your face. Religion removes accountability for one's own actions and places the blame or praise on some ill-defined (at best) being. I'm really REALLY fucking tired of people saying "God loves you, God did this for you, God did that..." Statements like that make no sense whatsoever. When somebody says that to me they may as well be saying "Thufyrt loves you." Because when I ask for any definition of what exactly God (or Thufyrt) is I get the fucking runaround. "God is love." Bullshit. I believe in love. Do I therefore believe in God by default? What the hell. You may as well say "Thuyfyrt is green and if you don't believe me just look around you...." I would get sent to the mental ward if I spouted such nonsense. Most ESPECIALLY if I threatened people with some sort of pain (Hell) if they refuse to believe my nonsensical statement concerning an indefinite subject. So keep your bullshit away from our shows. Your belief is based on nonsensical statements that hinge on a subject that your refuse to define, and that my friends, is LIVING LIKE SHEEP. Like LaVey said, if God isn't dead he better have Medicare. Be the God of yourself. Thank yourself for all your achievements and blame yourself and take responsibility for all your own shortcomings. You are master of your own life, not some being that is "above a human's capacity to comprehend..." WHAT bullshit. Where in the hell do PEOPLE get off telling us what is above PEOPLE'S capacity to comprehend? In order to know what is above a human's ability to understand or even know THAT something is above a human's ability to understand you MUST be speaking from the point of view of a being who IS above human understanding. -and then the media gets surprised when a religious authority practices that authority with great egoism. So FUCK YOU, FUCK GOD, FUCK RELIGION, AND HAIL SATAN!!! Love, J. Peril


July 17th, 2004

I still hate everything!!!

June 2nd, 2004

I hate everything!

March 31st, 2004

One of my babies just jumped on top the other baby and now their the same height as me. They are chasing me around my house.









August 14th, 2004

don't vote for anybody in the up coming election in november, if nobody votes then we won't have some bitch ass president that you didn't vote for representing you and making YOUR country look like a joke fuck politics and fuck off!

July 18th, 2004

The Josh loves to party!!!

June 5th, 2004

My ass be itching I'm losin' my mind.

June 2nd, 2004

I just moved! Im a big boy now!

March 31st, 2004

I paid twenty bucks for this!








September 12th, 2004




August 21st, 2004


August10th, 2004

We just finished recording the Fuck Whitey ep. For those of you who heard our first recording its ten times better. It consists of 6 songs: Traitor, The Meanings, Flag Song, Riot, Damnation, and Fuck Whitey. We'll have it 4 sale at our next show 8-20-04 at the Java Jive 3pm if anyones interested, its gonna be an awesome show. We get to play again with YIA (Bremerton), and TV Killers. Two kick ass bands.Plus 4 more bands that I've never heard, but I assure you will kick ass as well. If they don't you can spit on Jay (he likes it wet).

Just say no!!!

June 2nd, 2004

Well this aint much of a rant right now but it is an update. I'm just learning how to update this site.

As of now we are working on six new songs by Jay and once we got them down were gonna record. Hopefully we'll have a new cd by the end of July.

March 31st, 2004

The mother fuck'n wuzzles are all up in dat ass.